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My name is Angus Maiden. My moniker is Gamoneterik.

Music is my life, it has always been there at my centre, and the drive to create incredible music burns within me.
When that music is created, fans get pleasure from listening to it.

I also need to work really hard and long at my day job just to pay the bills and eat, and to support my other humans in their endeavours. This detracts from my ability to create and to pursue what I truly love, which is making and performing music.

Sometimes I physically don't have the time to practice music or record tracks, or cash to pay for singing tuition or audio gear. And sometimes I invest what little time and energy I have into putting myself out there, hoping that it comes back in return. Sometimes I just need to spend that energy doing the dishes...

Every little bit of actual hard cash I can get frees up a time or money resource for me to put into creating music. It gets me one step closer to my dream of making this a full-time thing, and it helps you hear my creations in fruition.

Showing me your support by subscribing to the fan club is also a great way to connect with me, to show me what you're about and to share in the always expanding global connectivity, and comes with a few extra perks in the form of exclusive recordings and tidbits.

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    And if you are a passionate fan, then maybe you believe in the law of the three-fold return. I do.
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Melbourne, Australia
A project by Angus Maiden.

Inspired by #Love #Death #Recovery #Life #Darkness #Light #Change #Spirit and #Work.

I take marching orders from life, carrying a message of Hope.

An expression of self, with which I aim to deliver melted faces and raised arm-hairs into the hands of freedom.

The angel called Daily Dying, the surrender of acceptance, a call to live life to the fullest.

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